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Step 1: Choose style

Choose the counter-style you like and click the green button "Get it!".

There is a dialog window with the counter code.

Get it!-Button > Click

Step 2: Copy code

In the dialog window you find the HTML-code for your statscounter.

Click with the right mouse button on the code. It will be marked in blue and there is a small menu. Depending on language, operation system and browser there will be "Copy", "Copy to clipboard" or something similar. Click on it to copy the code.

Right click on code > Copy

Step 3: Paste code

Find the suitable place on your website for the hitcounter. Most webmaster put the counter in the footer or below the navigation Paste your code there (Right mouse button -> Paste).

ATTENTION: If you want to count all visitors on your website, you have to put the code on all your sites. It does not work, if you put the code only on a single website.